Margaret River Region (WA) on 35mm

As the winter chills come through Canberra, I dream of WA summers. I visited home back in January and road-tripped down to the Margaret River Region (Western Australia). I stayed in Busselton, and spent the days lazing at different beaches in Dunsborough, Yallingup and Margaret River.

One of my favourites was Point Piquet, a quiet beach between Meelup and Eagle Bay. This was a great spot to escape the overcrowded beaches of Meelup Beach and for snorkelling around the rocks!

Point Piquet, Naturalise (WA) on 35mm

Margaret River was great for food, shopping and wine (mainly the wine). One of my favourite chill spots is Cape Mentelle, where you can watch an outdoor movie in the winery.

Surfing Beach, Margaret River on 35mm

The beaches of Margaret River are best suited for surfing, which is unfortunately not one of my life skills. However, the beaches are still beautiful to relax, soak up the sun and take in the unique coastal landscapes.

Margaret River, Western Australia on 35mm

One of the crowd favourites is Meelup Beach in Dunsborough, probably because it is a sheltered beach and has crystal clear waters.

Meelup Beach on 35mm

Meelup Beach is probably one of the better snorkelling spots in the region, with lots of fish hanging around the shallow water around the rocks.

Meelup Beach on 35mm

Definitely perfect for summer getaways.

Shot on Canon Eos 1000f, 35mm. Photographs are original, permission required to reproduce –

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