Mimosa Rocks National Park on 35mm (NSW)


Crab friend on 35mm

On Easter weekend, I decided to take that three hour drive from Canberra to the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW. My friend and I spent the first day exploring the beaches of Mimosa Rocks National Park.

We started in Moon Bay, a secluded and serene beach down a massive flights of stairs. And by massive, I mean 80 metres, which burned the booty on the climb up after Easter chocolate festivities.

Moon Bay (NSW) at Mimosa Rocks National Park  on 35mm

Next, we chilled out on Nelson’s Lagoon and Beach, in which the Lagoon is on your left and the beach is on your right. The lagoon (whilst seemingly still in the photo) had a strong current and would take you right to the ocean if you let it! Many were fishing whilst others floated down the lagoon.

Nelson’s Lagoon, Mimosa National Park (NSW) on 35mm

The surf beach was on the right. There is a great view of where the spotted gum forests meets the cliffs.
Overall, definitely worth a day trip on a trip to the Sapphire Coast.

Nelson’s Beach, Mimosa Rocks National Park on 35mm

Shot on Canon Eos 1000f, 35mm. Photographs are original, permission required to reproduce – sebrajdic@gmail.com

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