Carey’s Caves, Wee Jasper (NSW)

About 1.5 hours from Canberra (via Yass) will get you to Carey’s Caves, one of the popular tourist attractions of Yass Valley.

Opening sign – Carey Caves, Wee Jasper

Here, you can explore (with a tour guide, of course!) a world of limestone cave systems.  The caves are only accessible with a tour guide who will walk you through the seven chambers of the caves system.

Cave shapes

The limestone has been produced from ancient corals which formed roughly 400 million years ago.

Cave formations

My favourite part are the different cave ceilings.

Cave ceiling

Another one of the cool textures was this circular tunnel spiralling into the cave ceiling.

Caves holes

The cave walls shimmered with crystals. To avoid any damage to the caves’s walls (and integrity), the tour guide set up a workshop area so kids play with a particular set of caves goodies rather than touch the cave itself. The workshop was filled the tour guide’s collection of different limestones and crystals from around Australia.

Shimmery caves

You often forget that caves are filled with artificial lighting. It was cool to have it all switched off, and try and see what outlines of the caves you can make out. There was a part of the cave which the tour guide turned off all the artificial lights and turned on his lighter, and it was pitch black.

Dark caves

Finally, the tour guide showed us a part of the wall in which had some graffiti from 1884. Although I don’t agree with defacing of the caves, it was still interesting to see these caves had a been explored for over 130 years.

Cave graffiti

Shot on Canon 60D. Photographs are original, permission required to reproduce –

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