My first surfing lesson…at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii


Despite living 10 minutes from the beach my whole life, I had never learnt to surf or body board. The older you get, the less likely you are to try a beginners surfing class with a bunch of kids who will probably pick it up better than you. In Oahu, all over the main beach front, they offered surfing lessons – in groups, pairs or individually. Feeling how fresh the water is, and seeing how awesome the waves looked at Waikiki Beach, I could not resist. I picked a surfing spot near our hotel (Outrigger on the Beach) and asked a longhaired surfer dude if today would be a good day for a beginner to learn. Most people in Hawaii have this really cool, chill vibe. The surfie says, “Yeah, the waves are really good man, like totally”. My Dad and I did the lesson together.  The water was warm and it wasn’t windy, so the conditions were fairly decent for paddling. It took several waves (and several dunks!) to get on that board. Once you ride the wave, your adrenaline kicks in and it feels euphoric.


So when you travel, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!


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